Tryolabs is a hi-tech boutique AI dev shop, on a mission is to help startups and enterprises build amazing products and features. We love partnering with Clients who get design and digital. As we were approached by the Tryolabs leadership team, we strategized on how to take their brand identity and visual design experience to the next level: one that was more designful and delightful across expanding digital touchpoints. We began the process understanding who the Tryolabs ‘tribe’ was, and how they could best connect with their customers and partners on this digital journey. From a clearly defined brand identity solution, to a stellar visual storytelling experience, we were able to position Tryolabs for growth in their market while portraying them as a more human-first and authentic hi-tech software company. They're now disrupting on a global level.

Wave icon before URL.

Tryolabs is mission driven at their core, but extremely agile in their approach. We wanted to craft a brand identity and visual image that was as flexible as they were, and intelligent by design. The final solution for the Tryolabs brand identity design unpacked the best of brilliant typographic treatment with flexiblity alongside minimalism in its simplest form. The new mark is both fluid and functional.


While we were working alongside the Tryolabs team in the world of AI and Machine Learning, it was important to not lose sight of creativty and visual tone. We made it a point, between our teams, to think about imaginative ways to extend their brand identity to a mark and icon set that could be used in a variety of ways across their new digital experience, social media, and expanding digital outlets into the future.


We're supporting Tryolabs to take their custom crafted brand identity and make it as connective as possible across touchpoints. From office signage and conference booth design, to digital storytelling, we're extending their identity in meaningful and memorable ways that will elevate their brand story and mission as a disruptive player in the world of AI and Technology. Shaken, not stirred...