Partnering with the core Marketing and Product teams of Tilo, we worked to plan, craft, and architects, a designful and delightful digital experience for Tilo and their growing and expanding line of design-centric trikes. We extended the newly created and connective brand image to the web and mobile touchpoints, tied to rich imagery and compelling graphic elements, built using an extremely powerful CMS (Content Management System) for brand scalability. The next effect: Tilo is now well positioned to tell the best online and visual story in the pre-school and daycare marketplace.

Wave icon before URL.

Tilo had a mission to reach and resonate with those in the education market, specifically the pre-school and daycare markets. However, there was an edge. They wanted to create and launch a line of Trikes that were absolutely design-centric, and progressive. Once we were approached, we felt the same about the online experience. Together, we crafted a unique Marketing site and compelling visual story for Tilo.


Award-winning, Tilo Trikes are built to support and encourage adventure. Their line of Trikes meets and exceeds the demands of pre-schools and day-care centers, while remaining stylish enough for any home. Each unique, offering a Trike Type for every type of rider, within the US, and overseas. Stylish. Safe. Sweet.


Above all else, when your riding a Trike, safety should always come first. For Tilo, it is their first priority, above all else. We wanted to display this in the most interactive and dynamic way possible. By creating pulsating safety dots that hover around one of their actual Trikes, users could carefully examine the overarching safety features and design elements that make the Tilo Trikes so very unique.