Product Labs is powered by a genuine passion to help startups build great, scalable, meaningful products. We were approached by the Founding Team to help plan, position & present the Product Labs brand so that it exuded a startup feel with a strong product focus. We began our journey really getting to know the rich history behind Product Labs, originally working overseas in London (UK) and Australia. As they made a move to enter the US market within Los Angeles, we were thrilled to bring a meaningful and memorable brand identity, social presence and digital experience to life that ran in parallel to their growth goals. Our partnership runs deep with Product Labs and we're thrilled to support their plans to push product management boundaries into the coming years.

Wave icon before URL.

Product Labs is built to fuel startup success with expert product management. We wanted the new Product Labs brand identity to reflect something agile, ever-changing and high-tech all at the same time. Something elegant and evolved, modern and refined. The new mark is captivating and connective, it free-forms at times to give the user a unique experience when in a digital format. It’s trendy yet pushes boundaries. We think it best reflects Product Labs at the core, and best serves their market.


As we crafted a compelling brand & visual identity for Product Labs, we wanted to extend this across digital touchpoints, beginning with a new Marketing Website experience. The aim was to keep things simple yet packed with style and accents that were very invitational. We embraced iconography and various type formats, to colors and gradients. Their work was showcased in a way that embraced a grid, but also had agility to move and pivot as needed.


We dressed up the UX and digital experience with subtle nuances and animations, site-wide. From mobile and desktop views, users (future startup Clients of Product Labs) are encouraged to play and navigate freely, but with hints of where to click to connect. There are strong CTA’s (Call To Action’s) but yet setup to be approachable, leveraging white space, color, imagery, and content to drive the most possible impact. The net effect was a rich visual and digital story that Product Labs is proud to share.