We were approached by the Leadership Team at EHA to reimagine and reinterpret how their brand is perceived in the marketplace. EHA (Eaton Hall Architecture) is a young integrated architecture & design practice with offices in Silicon Valley and San Francisco. They balance the distinctive needs and aspirations of each client with their passion for quality architecture to create intelligent and effective design solutions that bring value to each project. Together, we're shaping a meaninful & memorable brand strategy that will continue to unfold over time.

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Together, between teams, we wanted to craft & create an evolved & elevated brand identity that protected the integrity of what EHA had built over the years: something truly impressionable. The newly invented identity is classic, yet modern, leveraging purely typographic elements and provocative color.


Part of EHA's success, in-part, has been due to impactful presentation and Client relationships. Extending out the newly created brand identity, we wanted to craft a visual tone that could best extend their image to bold & brilliant presentation design elements and leveraged across RFP & SOQ documents. The net effect was a connective & comprehensive collateral set.


As we unpacked the new EHA brand identity & experiential design elements, we wanted to extend this to signage and outdoor solutions, knowing the impact EHA has as a Silicon Valley Architetural Design Firm. The new signage solutions were designed to get noticed in a clear & connective path. Beyond that, we crafted traditional collateral (Business Cards, Letterhead, etc) that reinforced the EHA image.