Why Startups Must Become Master Storytellers.

Why Startups Must Become Master Storytellers.

Today in the startup world, it's AI, VR, Automation, Blockchain, etc. Tomorrow it's... 

Rapid acceleration and planned obsolence make for an extremely competitive and crowded marketplace for any startup in Consumer Tech, FinTech, Lifestyle, eCommerce and more. 

So what's a startup to do? We have the simplest answer: Startups Must Become Master Storytellers. Remember those early days of sitting, listening and imagining the possibilities from hearing and seeing a great story? Well, for some, we've lost sight of that idea.

The best startup brands in the world (Airbnb, Warby ParkerRobinhood, etc.) have captalized on this idea and connected with new and emerging audiences by bringing them into a world of unimaginable possibiities. From early-late stage, Marketing, Product and Technology Teams within a funded and growing startup environment need to break through the boundaries of CX (Customer Experience) in new and innovative ways. Through meanignful and memorable content, design and digital storytelling experiences we're able to reach and resonate with our users and customers at the deepest level: opening up a whole new channel of engagement. 

Preparing for 2018, maybe it's time for your startup to add storytelling into your mix of strategies?


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