The Wave Of Disruption.

The Wave Of Disruption.

Is your brand riding the wave of disruption? Or, is someone else?

Competition is everywhere in this day and age. Look around, and you see it. Regardless of industry or market, options are now more widely availble for consumers and users.

For your brand, competition isn't the's disruption. Are you the disruptor, or are you being disrupted? What compelling reason (or reasons) are you giving them to connect with your brand, cross-channel? What story are you telling that matters, and why should it matter more than eveyone else in your space? Where is the wow factor, in form and function? Who will listen and care, and why will they spread this message to others who care? When will it happen (later is too late)?

As the age of digital continues to elevate and evolve, so will their expectations. Connective design pathways have to connect more, engage more, and entice more than ever before. Your tribe of users require you to step up and own the landscape: to give them more than one reason to invest in your product, service or brand, at every marketing or sales touchpoint.

Truth of the day: Become a disruptor, or be disrupted. What will your brand do?

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