Brand Belonging: Good for People, Good for Brands.

Brand Belonging: Good for People, Good for Brands.

Ever wonder how technology feeds into our growing isolation?  Technology is changing our culture and some say it may be eroding our sense of belonging. 

Brands are looking into the business of belonging. Brand giants such as Starbucks and Airbnb have made “belonging” a big part of their brand’s purpose. 

Many of us are drowning with news, notifications and posts coming from email, social media and an increasing number of apps. As we retreat to our screens and distract ourselves, it makes us increasingly isolated. Even though our digital connectedness help us in terms of convenience, self-empowerment and mobility. It can be tough to partake in activities that help us feel a sense of community. 

This disengagement presents brands with opportunities to do better. How can a brand address the downsides to our digital connectedness?

As a leader in AI-generated marketing insights and design of data-driven brand experiences, IBM iX conducted a Brand Belonging consumer study with great insights for marketers. The research demonstrated that 39% of the brand behavioral imperatives that matter to customers and improve business are collective in nature. These brands highlight collective experiences such as shared values or interests. 

Brand experience designers and marketers have the task to uncover their target market’s shared affinities and to have the brand experience foster their shared expression. 

IBM iX researched "Brand Belonging” and found that the revenue for top Brand Belonging performers grew at 3 times the rate of lower performing brands over six years and gained market share of up to 10% over 3-years. 


What are the elements that contribute to Brand Belonging?

Individual Elements

  • Excitement: being reliable excitement and enhancing life’s pleasures with brand interaction.
  • Meaningful Moments:   enriching everyday tasks by simplifying or allowing for self-improvement
  • Deep Relationships: developing a compelling relationship by recognizing customer loyalty and personalizing experiences.


Collective Elements:

  • Purpose: Fostering a feeling of community and positivity through actions that benefit the world and well-being. 
  • Feedback: A system to hear consumer feedback and implementation to improve products or services. 
  • Community: enable customer interactions focused on self-expression and/or social good. 


The key to fostering “Brand Belonging” is with a brand that cares for their customers' sense of self while inspiring them.

Looking for help to show Brand Belonging with your brand? Ride the wave with us. 

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