How To Delight (By Design).

How To Delight (By Design).

It's not an accident when brands make us feel delight. It's done by design.

Whether your brand is a funded startup disrupting SaaS or the world of eCommerce, a growing lifestyle company appealing to millenials or beach-goers, a mid-sized company or enterprise B2B company working to fundamentally change the makes no difference. We have to delight, now more than ever, in every industry and at every possible turn.

On your brand's epic journey to FILL IN THE BLANK here are the top 10 ways to drive delight:

  1. Connection first, then conversion.
  2. Create a compelling story (visual and verbal).
  3. Lead with different and disruptive.
  4. Be emotional and experiential.
  5. Give them what they crave (not need).
  6. Be meaningful and memorable.
  7. Always authentic and audacious.
  8. Think bold movements instead of trends.
  9. Humanize and harmonize your strategies.
  10. Go beyond your brand: have purpose and passion.


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