Growth-driven design: Is it time to change your digital strategy?

Growth-driven design: Is it time to change your digital strategy?

Your website and digital presence is one of your best marketing assets. Do you have a strategy to make sure it’s in its top condition?

The reality is that if you haven’t done anything to adapt or analyze your current site or digital touchpoints since it’s launch, you’re letting one of your biggest marketing assets fail at it’s #1 job - bringing in serious growth for your business. 

How do you keep your digital strategy updated so that it’s in top shape? Use growth-driven design. 

Growth-driven design is an important term used for design that drives growth in conversions and revenue. 


What is growth-driven design?

Using a growth-driven design strategy is a smarter approach to designing a website or digital experience. Instead of taking a high-risk bet and making a large up-front payment for a website, your website will launch quickly and improve over time while your investment spreads out over time. 

Using data-driven decisions, the team will make design improvements over a month-to-month period. 

You can expect your website or digital experience to continuously evolve and improve over time with tweaks and updates made to improve traffic and conversions. 


Here are the three stages of growth-driven design:


1. Strategy

During this stage, the project goals are made and the agency works together with the business to understand it’s website users. This can include forming user/target personas, creating a user journey map and/or brainstorming a list of website components. 


2. Initial Site Launch (MVP)

An “initial” website is designed, developed, and launched with the goal of launching quickly to get the first version out to the users. Right after the initial launch of the site, additions can be made to the website that didn’t make the initial launch, quick updates can be made based on initial user feedback, etc.


3. Continuous improvement

Once enough user data has been collected, decisions can be made about larger improvements on the site. 

Speak to RNO1 about using a growth-driven design strategy to help your site deliver it’s maximum performance for your business. Ride the wave with us. 

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