Getting to the Heart of Emotional Branding.

Getting to the Heart of Emotional Branding.

Marketers know that feelings get people to buy. Emotional messages and images in your branding let your customers feel bolder, sophisticated, or any emotion that can make them feel good about themselves.

If you want to get your brand to tug at your customers’ heartstrings, use these 5 steps in the emotional marketing process:


Know Your Customer First

Get to know the customer's feelings, emotions and behaviors that motivate them to make a decision and buy your product or service. Use this knowledge to connect these feelings with your brand through imagery and copywriting.


What makes your brand stand out?

In branding, positioning is everything. If you are able to position your brands in an emotional way, it will help your brand stay memorable in the minds of your customers. How are you positioning your brand to show that you are different from your biggest competitors? If you can’t explain how your brand is different in less than 10 seconds, you may have a problem with your brand positioning.


Get your story right

An emotional story can make an impact on a motivating action like getting someone to sign up for your email newsletter or to buy your product or service. Portray your brand's story in an emotional way and it will become something that people care about and want to buy into.


Use imagery to evoke curiosity or attention

People process images faster than written words. It’s no wonder why platforms for sharing images like Instagram have grown so popular. People are drawn to interesting images. Images used in advertisements communicate emotions and can evoke powerful thoughts or memories. Images should be used in the same way with your branding. Moving images and video is one of the reasons why YouTube may be so effective in influencing buying behavior. Look for powerful visuals that will attract interest for your brand.


Share memorable ideas

Brands with unique, creative, and emotional ideas will stand out from the crowd. Some brands share their ideas in a form of a manifesto. Other brands will convey ideas through their website copy. Sharing ideas that create conversations and make people think or feel will inspire them to remember and share your brand with others.


Integrating your branding with digital experiences can help your brand connect emotionally with your customers across various channels.

Need help reaching your customers with emotional marketing? Good branding is always behind a good web or digital experience. We can help. Ride the brand wave with us.

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