Empathy in Design: Developing an Empathic Approach in Marketing.

Empathy in Design: Developing an Empathic Approach in Marketing.

Being empathetic requires us to put aside our experiences and our own views in order to try to imagine another person's perspective. It's an important part of the design process in marketing.

Empathic design is design that is focused on a user. It pays attention to how a customer or user is feeling towards your branding, design or any other marketing collateral.   

In the first stage of any design thinking process, empathy is especially important. 

Step one is to empathize with your target audience. Putting yourself in your users’ shoes is a great way to learn about them and how they may interact with your brand. 

Here are a few tips to prepare for empathic design or branding:



Listening attentively is the first step to empathizing. Train yourself to control the tendency to formulate your own opinions and mention them before the other person has finished speaking.


Be Humble

Humility as an important characteristic of design-focused leaders. 


Put your Ego Aside

We tend to adopt an egocentric view and stay firm in our opinions and thoughts. The goal of empathy in design is to understand and experience the feelings of your audience, customers, or users. 


Observation Skills

Observe your users. Take notes on their behaviors or body language. Record verbal expressions and their environment. Oftentimes, people don't articulate the full story so by honing your observation skills, you'll be able to get a better picture of your customer and better understand their experience. 



Show a genuine concern for your users or customers. By showing a sense of care and concern, your desire to help or provide assistance will help you seek to understand your target audience. 



Be curious to understand what motivates people to take an action on your website or to buy your product. Look at unexpected areas to help expose the information you need for problem-solving. 



A lack of sincerity will kill empathy. Approaching people with a superiority complex or any mindset that may undermine a sincere intention to understand the other's experience can place a barrier between you and your customers. 


The best way to gain an understanding of your customer or user base is to have direct experience with their lives, environments, and activities of the customers you’d like to understand. You’ll gain first-hand experience about what if feels like to be a user. 


RNO1 works with empathic design. Ride the wave with us. 

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