Design From A Different Lens.

Design From A Different Lens.

At RNO1 we’re proudly deep-rooted on the West Coast with a global edge. We have the privilege to work with some of the most passionate and game-changing teams across the globe.

West Coast inspired means our team lives and breathes WEST COAST - across the San Francisco Bay area, SoCal, and the Pacific Northwest in Seattle and Vancouver. We take design inspiration, innovation, and disruption from the West Coast perspective.

Surrounded by water, waves, and mountains, there’s an ebb and flow here, a presence that we like to pass onto each project and collaboration.

Using our surroundings as inspiration, we’re able to fuel, craft, and architect delightful and disruptive design and digital experiences to help brands stand out regardless of if they’re located on the West Coast, on the East Coast, or even abroad.

Here on the West Coast, we have unrivalled access to venture capital funds and startups that benefit from this fountain of outlets to fuel the innovation economy. According to Pitchbook’s second quarter Venture Monitor report, the West Coast has a huge role in funding startups with 40.8% of the deals and 55% of the deal value in the West Coast region compared with the Mid-Atlantic region that pulled in only 19.3% of the deals along with 15.5% of the deal value.

Not only do our natural surroundings inspire us - with large technology companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, and more making the West Coast their home base, we’re geographically positioned next to the brands that are shaping what’s next in the industry. The West Coast is an ideal place to soak up knowledge, innovation, and the latest trends in digital branding.

There is also a big movement in lifestyle branding stemming from here on the West Coast. We meet regularly with some of the most disruptive lifestyle brands to talk about what’s next and infuse that into our Fluid Movement approach - collaborating and connecting with form and fluidity, creating bold shifts in the marketplace for our Clients, their users and customers.

If you’re thinking we only work with companies on the West Coast, think again. We’re aligned with startups, eCommerce, lifestyle and enterprise brands across the country to deliver meaningful and memorable results. We’re fueled to craft disruptive experiences where they’re needed most - across digital branded touchpoints.

Even client partners like Moondog Optics based on the East Coast have chosen to work with the RNO1 team. Moondog Optics is a modern optical design house that designs and engineers award-winning lenses for mobile phones and other consumer products. Although they are based in New York, they chose to partner with RNO1.

“Moondog Optics is a boutique design firm based in Rochester, NY - an area known for its rich history in optics and photography. But when it came time to revamp our site and branding, we went with RNO1 - based on the West Coast. Many of our customers are in their backyard and we could tell from the first call that they’d be a great fit to help us craft the right message. We look forward to continuing to work with them for a long time to come,” says Scott Cahall, Founder and Optical Designer/Engineer.

No matter where you are, we can help startup, lifestyle and enterprise clients to design from a different lens. Ready to ride the brand wave with us?

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