A Startup's Guide to Approaching a Digital Overhaul: Domains & Teams.

A Startup's Guide to Approaching a Digital Overhaul: Domains & Teams.

Last week’s article was about making sense of your timeline and budget before reaching out to an agency to help with your digital experience makeover - whether that includes a website redesign, web & mobile app, and more. 

If you’re working on a website makeover, it’s important to have some information about your internal technology resources as well as having the right team members in place to help the project move along as smoothly as possible. 

First, we’ll go over the domain information that you’ll need in preparation for your website redesign. 


Website & Domain Host

Your startup’s website host and domain name are important. When the digital agency you choose is ready to launch your site, they’ll need to be able to direct the domain name to where your files are hosted when you want your new website to go live. 

A hosting provider stores all your website’s files while your domain name hosting service is where your website’s domain (URL) is registered. In some cases, the domain hosting service and the hosting provider for your website are separate companies. For example, you may have bought your startup’s domain name on GoDaddy, but your website files are hosted on BlueHost. It can be tough to keep track of this information so it’s a good idea to find out how your domain and host are set up before you hire an agency. When you’re ready to launch your site, a knowledge gap can delay the launch of your site. 

If your startup has an internal IT team member that knows how to edit things like CNAME, you may be able to handle a website launch internally. 


Assembling Your Project Team

Now that you’ve prepared a timeline, budget and gathered important information such as technical constraints, it’s time to assemble your team. 


Decide who will be the final decision-maker

It’s a great idea to have multiple people from your team involved in your digital experience project. However, having several people adding input can prolong the timeline and increase the chance of conflicts. It will also place a burden on the agency to resolve conflicting feedback or opinions and you will ultimately be paying for this time-consuming process of having an agency play mediator for your team.

Before you contact your digital agency of choice, choose the person who will have the ultimate judgment over the project. Typically, this will be the CEO or a marketing director for your startup. Choosing a single decision-maker will make the process of working with an agency a lot smoother with an established point of contact for questions and concerns. 


Building the rest of the team

Now that you’ve selected a final decision-maker for the project, you’ll also need to assemble key team members that will be assisting during the project. They may be able to provide quick feedback as important deliverables are sent from the agency.

At the very least, the assembled team may contribute to the process with an initial kickoff call and evaluate deliverables during key milestones of the project. 

Here are members you may want to include as part of the project team:

  • Your marketing team

  • A higher-level executive

  • Subject matter experts 

  • Employees in client-facing roles


Having an idea of the team members you’ll want as part of your project will be helpful when you start reaching out to agencies. Specific team members may hold the knowledge to answer any specific questions from the agency. 


Do you have your team in place? Reach out to ride the wave with us. 

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