The Startup Debacle.

The Startup Debacle.

It’s a constant fight (battle, really)… As Founders, Leadership, or Management of a growing and thriving startup, you have vision: a clear understanding of how you want to achieve world + market dominance, and the necessary steps you need to take to get there. But, along the way to getting there…something gets lost in translation.

Developers / Tech + UX teams don’t see eye-to-eye. Your Marketing department (or likely, if smaller: Head of Marketing) wants to put insane dollars + spend into Search Marketing, instead of building a holistic brand experience, without much thought, strategy, or reflection. Your Product folks love the core vision, but combat you in the delivery method. It’s a mess, really.

These things always exist. There’s always friction, market resistance, and usually…rejection by some idea or concept, internally within startup teams.

However, in the day-to-day grind where you must stand united, is in connecting with ‘them’ (your users, customers, tribe). Creating a memorable and meaningful brand experiencewith a fluid and functional UX is what separates you from the rest. It changes the way ‘they’ see you, and greatly improves the possibilities for business growth, brand advocates, customer + user retention, and the likes…

So, the question is…what are you doing to ‘connect’? Rather, what aren’t you doing (that you must be doing right now), in your Marketing mix? 

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