Startup Storytelling.

Startup Storytelling.

As Founders and Change Agents of Technology-driven Startups, we get Tech. But, do ‘they’ (your users and customers) at such a granular level?

Maybe you’re a new SaaS Startup, Mobile Platform, or you’ve been around the block in Consumer Tech as a game-changing B2C Tech Brand… Regardless of your stage of brand growth or vertical, it’s important to recognize that not all our users and customers understand things the way we do. They’re external from our inner circle, where we eat, drink, sleep, and breathe...Tech and Tech lingo. Knowing this, we have to master the art of Startup Storytelling.

As we move to craft our visual story and design paths, let’s distill the core brand message and product overview so it deeply delights them at each and every touch point. Let’s keep things so simple and succinct that anyone can get it, retain it, and act on it - while still being meaningful and memorable across the board.

In the end, it’s not what you say: it’s how you say it. Ready to shape your Startup Story?

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