RNO1 Founder Featured as Expert on DIY Web Builders.

RNO1 Founder Featured as Expert on DIY Web Builders.

In a recent study of DIY web builders and their users, Michael Gaizutis participated as an industry expert to offer his thoughts and opinions on the web builder market. As the Founder and CXO of RNO1, he has a wealth of knowledge about web design and its significance for those looking to create a strong and effective website, particularly for business use.

Clutch, a B2B research and reviews platform for businesses in the IT space, gathered responses from 307 individuals who have created a website using a do-it-yourself (DIY) web builder such as Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, and more. 

The intent of the survey was to shed light on a few of the most pertinent topics about the DIY web builder market. Clutch also looked to Gaizutis to provide insight on his own experience with web builders and how he believes they serve business needs – to an extent. 

1. The Typical Users of DIY Web Builders

Nearly half (53%) of survey respondents said they have an intermediate familiarity level with website builders, meaning they can set up a website on their own, including some advanced features.

“The survey findings definitely run parallel with what we see with many active users that are leveraging the DIY web building platforms, from individuals who are basic users all the way to more advanced users. It’s always good to see what is happening in the market place in terms of audience types, personas, and types of users in the way they’re leveraging these technology platforms.” – Michael Gaizutis

2. Websites Built Using DIY Web Builders

Over 40% of web builder users are building websites for business purposes. 

“Most of the clients we work with as a brand and digital agency here at RNO1 are leaning on us for a business interest, primarily. All of the work we do for businesses, whether they’re startups, mid-sized or an enterprise brand, is about helping them to grow in scale, to increase their reach across their user and customer base, and ultimately boost revenue.” – Michael Gaizutis

3. Complexity of Websites Built Using DIY Tools

Websites built for business purposes are typically more complex. 46% of users with a business website integrate five or more tools with their websites with the intent to generate interactions and conversions with potential customers.

“Business websites are not always lean, clean and connective, but instead, they are more complex. The design work that goes into these types of websites is really about understanding who our users are so we can delve into more information about the brand and their audience. Our goal is to help those brands and businesses to boost revenue and really increase their bottom line.” – Michael Gaizutis

4. How DIY Web Builders Serve Business Needs

While DIY website builders provide the tools to produce clean and high-quality websites, a more complex and business-oriented website may require an alternative solution.

Squarespace is a wonderful technology platform, and we leverage the power of Squarespace to build elegant and seamless marketing websites. Beyond those simple e-commerce website experiences, we would look to something like WordPress or Drupal for more advanced builds.” – Michael Gaizutis

Especially for websites focused on e-commerce, the implementation of advanced features may require assistance from a design expert.

“Depending on the platform, there can be limitations, but working with an agency like ours, at RNO1, we’re able to really help our clients leverage and access the most opportunities for growth.” – Michael Gaizutis

More insight from RNO1's Founder, Michael Gaizutis, can be found in Clutch’s full research on DIY web builders: https://clutch.co/website-builders/resources/web-builders-survey

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