RNO1 Agency Founder aligns with Forbes.com

RNO1 Agency Founder aligns with Forbes.com

RNO1’s agency Founder, Michael Gaizutis, has recently aligned with Forbes.com as a contributing writer, and leading Brand and Digital industry expert.

He will be providing a unique voice in the industry that responds to the rapidity of change in the brand and digital landscape, noting how companies of varying sizes must embrace greater levels of connectivity through design and digital experiences (to win in their market).

In a recent micro-interview, Michael adds, "The marketing game has fundamentally changed. Our users and customers no longer crave great design...they expect it. Great design enlightens us, enables us, and empowers us. It's how your brand reacts and responds to this design shift that will make or break the way you connect with them (your users, customers, and followers)."

Stay tuned for monthly articles and insights that support the rapid change in the design and digital space via rno1.com and Forbes.com - beginning Summer 2016.

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