Holiday Honing: merry, motivated, marketable.

Holiday Honing: merry, motivated, marketable.

'Tis the season for Holiday Honing...indeed.

Retail Brand? eCommerce Brand? Lifestyle Brand? SaaS Brand? It makes no difference. As we as marketers move into November 2016, now is the time to be merry, motivated, and marketable.

According to a recent Deloitte study, it's predicted that Online Shopping Is Set to Make Holiday History in 2016. And based on spending patterns and trends, Retailers could see record web traffic this year.

So...what next? Knowing what might happen can help influence what can happen. If we embrace the power of design, we can craft connective and contagious experiences that move them: visual stories that entice users and customers to purchase, and powerfully share and spread our brand stories on an emotional level that reach and resonate with others in our tribe.

Treat this Holiday Season like your first: make it remarkable, memorable, and supremely marketable. Start Your Story.

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