How Driving Digital Empathy Will Humanize Your Brand. How Driving Digital Empathy Will Humanize Your Brand.

In his latest article for October 2016, How Driving Digital Empathy Will Humanize Your Brand, he notes: 

"I see a fundamental shift happening in modern marketing amongst disruptive startups, mid-sized and larger enterprise companies alike: Now more than ever, the companies most connected to their customers are using empathy to humanize their brands. Brands like Apple, Google, and Volkswagen are driving empathy consistently across digital marketing channels, and it’s resonating with their customer base. As Walt Barron observed in Adweek, feeling what your audience feels is the ultimate insight. Empathy helps us to feel, share and react. When we feel, we harvest emotions that empower us to connect in more meaningful ways. When we share, we open up a dialogue with our users and customers, instead of a one-way communication vehicle. When we react, we reach our tribe at a deeper and more memorable level of engagement. While creating a stellar user experience for your brand should be at the helm of your digital marketing efforts, driving digital empathy should be at the very top of the list."

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