Becoming A Design-Led And Design-Powered Brand. Becoming A Design-Led And Design-Powered Brand.

RNO1’s agency Founder, Michael Gaizutis, has recently aligned with as a contributing writer, and leading Brand and Digital industry expert.

In his latest article for July 2016, Becoming A Design-Led And Design-Powered Brand (And Why It Matters), he notes that..."The most exciting and engaging brands, now more than ever, are design-led and design powered, from the inside out. These brands and teams know that their users, customers and shareholders crave an unparalleled design experience and bake design into every facet of their brand, marketing and digital strategies...The art of design shifts and shapes our emotions, perceptions, and behaviors. It takes us to a primal state where we can feel and forge opinions that are unbiased and uncontrolled. If it’s authentic, it gets a bite: a reaction, a sensation, a connection."

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