An Era of: Design & Dollars.

An Era of: Design & Dollars.

It’s quite the unique time for businesses and brands… Everything we do, is now greatly influenced by design. From our brand image and website presence, to our products and services, we’re capturing the hearts and minds of our users and customers by shaping a compelling visual story. In doing so, we’re increasing and improving our bottom line: meaning our CFO’s and Accountants are very happy.

Or…are we? Not every brand or business is leading and driving a design-focused company: one that’s highly connective and contagious. Not every member of the C-Suite, Leadership, Management, Board, etc. feel that design powered marketing is a necessity. Sometimes, many times, it’s a great after thought. They question the value, or the ROI. The opportunity to: measure, track, convert.

The truth is great design empowers people (your users, customers, followers). It reflects our passion and conviction for the market we’re in, which we’re looking to radically shift. Our ‘tribe’ picks up on our ability to emote through design, and when executed the right way, gravitate much more to our product-suite and service-offerings. This drives dollars.

Summary: Don’t get stuck in measurability, metrics and conversions. Think of design as a holistic approach, helping to shape your entire customer experience, at every possible touchpoint. The rewards are…endless.

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