Brand Belonging: Good for People, Good for Brands.

Ever wonder how technology feeds into our growing isolation?  Technology is changing our culture and some say it may be eroding our sense of belonging. 

Brands are looking into the business of belonging. Brand giants such as Starbucks and Airbnb have made “belonging” a big part of their brand’s purpose. 

Many of us are drowning with news, notifications and posts coming from email, social media and an increasing number of apps. As we retreat to our screens and distract ourselves, it makes us increasingly isolated. Even though our digital connectedness help us in terms of convenience, self-empowerment and mobility. It can be tough to partake in activities that help us feel a sense of community. 

This disengagement presents brands with opportunities to do better. How can a brand address the downsides to our digital connectedness?

As a leader in AI-generated marketing insights and design of data-driven brand experiences, IBM iX conducted a Brand Belonging consumer study with great insights for marketers. The research demonstrated that 39% of the brand behavioral imperatives that matter to customers and improve business are collective in nature. These brands highlight collective experiences such as shared values or interests. 

Brand experience designers and marketers have the task to uncover their target market’s shared affinities and to have the brand experience foster their shared expression. 

IBM iX researched "Brand Belonging” and found that the revenue for top Brand Belonging performers grew at 3 times the rate of lower performing brands over six years and gained market share of up to 10% over 3-years. 


What are the elements that contribute to Brand Belonging?

Individual Elements

  • Excitement: being reliable excitement and enhancing life’s pleasures with brand interaction.
  • Meaningful Moments:   enriching everyday tasks by simplifying or allowing for self-improvement
  • Deep Relationships: developing a compelling relationship by recognizing customer loyalty and personalizing experiences.


Collective Elements:

  • Purpose: Fostering a feeling of community and positivity through actions that benefit the world and well-being. 
  • Feedback: A system to hear consumer feedback and implementation to improve products or services. 
  • Community: enable customer interactions focused on self-expression and/or social good. 


The key to fostering “Brand Belonging” is with a brand that cares for their customers' sense of self while inspiring them.

Looking for help to show Brand Belonging with your brand? Ride the wave with us. 

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How to Help Your Brand Connect in the World of Digital.

It's not enough to have a website and a social media page as a digital marketing strategy. In today's digital world, you have to carefully think about which digital channels to use and how they will best reach and resonate with your target customers. 

We've put together seven ideas with examples of how big brands have used them for an effective digital strategy in our ever-evolving technology landscape. 


Learn how different digital channels serve different customer segments 

Having a strong brand identity can deepen engagement and bring certain customer segments together. For example, Burberry uses microsites for customers to upload photos of themselves in their Burberry coats while allowing younger users to stream fashion shows on the mobile app. 


How will you add value to the customer

Customers need a good reason to tune in to your digital channels. Patagonia has discovered a great way to connect with conscious consumers and created a website where consumers can buy used clothing at a discount or trade their used clothing for gift certificates.  


Pick the right digital channels

Every digital channel is known for targeting a different target audience. Pick digital channels that will reach your target market. Does your brand reach consumers in China? Try using China’s popular WeChat app. Whirlpool has several brands that include Maytag and KitchenAid. They use different social media and YouTube channels to keep a separate brand voice for each of those brands.  


Use analytics to inform strategy

Use analytics to advise your digital marketing strategy. You may use Google to help you find topics that are trending and respond with a new product or marketing plan. For example, L’Oréal found that Google searches for the ombre hair color were trending so they responded with a new product to meet the demand for this trending hair color. 


Keep an eye open for new technologies

Take advantage of newer technologies to reach customers and improve your brand experience. For example, Samsung uses virtual reality to help customers visualize their TV placement in their homes. Retailers are now using in-store radio-frequency to show up-to-date stock availability in stores and online. Home furniture stores such as Wayfair use augmented reality apps that allow customers to picture models of furniture and decor in their own homes.


Social Media Influencers

Even if your brand doesn't have strong social media accounts, brands can partner with social media influencers to reach their big audiences. For example, makeup brands sign with social media influencers to review products, make video tutorials and to cover events. 


Work with third-party retailers

Worried about losing a customer relationship if your brand appears on large multi-branded retail channels? Despite concerns, website retailers such as Amazon may be worth considering. Large third-party retailers bring in large amounts of online traffic. Even large brands such as Nike sell their athletic clothing and gear through Amazon. 

Although some retailers may impose some levels of constraint, special programs such as Amazon’s Prime Wardrobe offer flexible programs for consumers. Participating members can order clothes without payment and get a discount on the pieces they decide to keep. 


As more brick-and-motar retailers close their doors (especially apparel retailers), thinking digitally is a must. A brand’s digital channels will be just as important as traditional marketing, product development, and distribution. 


Ready to improve your brand’s digital experience across touchpoints? Let's make waves.

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Squarespace Teams Up with Keanu Reeves in Compelling Super Bowl Ad.

If you have plans to watch the Super Bowl this weekend, you may come across Squarespace’s ad for this year.

Now it’s 5th consecutive Super Bowl ad spot, Squarespace has teamed up with Keanu Reeves to shoot a compelling ad.

The teaser features Keanu Reeves surfing on a motorcycle and reciting some words of encouragement. That’s about all there is to it. There’s a good blend of action and weirdness in the short ad that makes it a very watchable and memorable ad. It has the same charm and charisma that you see in Matthew McConaughey’s Lincoln ads.

Reeves uses Squarespace to host the website for his company, Arch Motorcycle.  

Watch the Teaser Ad below:



At RNO1, one of the many things we specialize in is crafting connective and compelling Squarespace sites and digital experiences. RNO1’s very own Founder and CXO Michael Gaizutis gave an interview with AdForum with his viewpoint on the new Squarespace Super Bowl ad.

Are you thinking of using Squarespace to launch or lift your business or brand? Ready to make waves? Let's Connect.

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Tryolabs aligns with RNO1 to redefine their Brand Identity & Experience Design.


Tryolabs is a hi-tech boutique AI development shop helping startups and enterprises build amazing products and features. They wanted a new visual identity that would elevate their brand story and mission as a disruptive player in the field of AI and technology.


The Tryolabs leadership team approached RNO1 to help them strategize on how to improve their brand identity and visual design experience and improve growth in their market. They were looking to extend their identity in a meaningful and memorable way from digital touchpoints (web, mobile) to experience design.


First, we began the process by understanding who the Tryolabs team was and how we could effectively connect their customers and partners across marketing platforms. Both digital and traditional marketing was considered including office signage, social media channels, websites, conference booth designs, and more.


Using a modern and minimal design path, we set out to design a clean and connective typographic treatment for Tryolab’s new brand identity... Interested in hearing more? Check out the full case study.



Tryolabs Identity.jpg


“RNO1 did an amazing job as a value based partner...showing great professionalism and working within tight deadlines. The entire team quickly understood our business needs."


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eCommerce Trends to Pay Attention to in 2018.

These days, retailers that embrace digital commerce are thriving as stores without a solid online presence are starting to disappear. 51% of Americans prefer to shop online versus a traditional in-store buying experience. This figure increases to 67% of Millennials and 57% of Gen Xers who prefer shopping online. Some experts believe that there will be a rise of 9.32% in online sales per year.

As a digital agency that partners with eCommerce clients such as LOLIWARE (featured on Sharktank), Bright Antenna Records, Guidecraft, to name just a few, we can see some of the trends to watch for in 2018.

Here are a few of the latest trends in ecommerce that you may want to take into consideration to see online and in-store sales grow.


Customized Shopping

With a dynamic shopping experience that is customized to each shopper, each person will have automatic access to things such as add-ons based on demographics, geographic location, past purchases and more. Data aggregation is also helping ecommerce platforms predict a customer’s next purchase.

Data Aggregation

Uncertainty is a big reason why people may not buy online. The vast majority of internet shoppers regularly read comments and product reviews before making a decision to purchase. The more information that is shared online regarding a product including pictures, reviews, specifications and descriptions, the more sales you will get online. Without a good ecommerce platform it can be hard to keep up with adding changing product information in real-time. Data aggregators are able to compile information about products - including pictures, price comparisons, specs, UPC codes, and reviews. Many retailers are working with these data aggregators and when a merchant links its site to these databases, automatic product information updates can happen.


Mobile Payments

Accepting mobile payments is the way to go as more and more people are making purchases without their wallets. People are making purchases with mobile payments using their smart phones, watches, rings or other wearable technology.


Real-time Experiences and Promotions

Merchants and retailers can provide digital experiences that use sensors to detect nearby devices. This allows merchants to offer promotions in real-time to attendees at a grand-opening or any other event - using interactive experiences as an innovative way to reach more customers.


Artificial Intelligence

Did you know that following a live chat session, the buyer conversion rate is 5 to 10 times higher after the chat session occurs? More consumers are now having interactions with chatbots to answer their questions in a timely manner. They will be as commonplace as automated phone systems - only more interactive. For example, chain restaurants like Pizza Hut and Burger King have implemented a system that allows customers to order food directly through Facebook Messenger and Twitter.


Same-day Delivery

As online retail orders grow, new opportunities for better logistics and delivery have also arisen. Same-day delivery is now possible to a private address or to a store drop-off point that may be near the customer - and it’s becoming increasingly popular. Amazon offers free same-day delivery with any purchase over $35 to Prime members in 27 countries.

Many stores are now operating as showrooms, fitting rooms, or product drop-off points where customers can order the product after having seen it in person.


Centralized Ecommerce

Merchants are moving towards the centralization of IT infrastructures - integrating stores (physical and digital). Brands and retailers want to offer their customers more freedom as they are expecting to be able to search, interact, purchase, deliver or pick up products whenever (and wherever) works best for them. Retailers know that customers will make purchases when it’s convenient for them. The idea is to have the consumer interact with the entire brand experience - whether that’s in a physical location, online store, or browsing the brand’s Facebook page.

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Hello 2018: Go-To Marketing Strategies for a Sensational New Year.

The start of the year is a great time for marketers and founders to consider their 2018 marketing campaign. It’s not too late to work on a marketing plan for 2018 if you didn’t get a chance to prepare one before the end of the year. How do you know which areas of your business to focus on for your marketing plan? Here are a few tips for developing your marketing plans and strategies for the new year.


Reflect & Reframe

Take some time to reflect on your marketing strategies of 2017. What worked? What didn’t work? What have you learned about your target market? Do you have more insights about segments of your target market?  You can also find insights about your target market by evaluating your competitors’ marketing efforts. Look through your competitors content, social, and other marketing strategies - you may find opportunities to improve-upon their strategies while finding out what is and isn’t working for them.


Content Strategy

The quality of your content is crucial to help your SEO rankings and keep a good engagement with your customers. If your having trouble creating a new content strategy for 2018, try choosing four general topics you want to present in your content. You can then narrow down on each topic and get more specific with your content for blog articles, videos, or more.


Revamp your Digital Experience

Your website and digital presence is an important face for your business. Even if you haven’t completely changed your marketing strategy this year, you may be missing a few updates to your website. Have you introduced a new service or product? Maybe your marketing plan includes adding new blog articles to your website. Or perhaps your website design is now looking outdated. Your website is an important place to showcase your new and improved business. It may be time to give your website a facelift and January is the perfect time to include a website refresh into your marketing plan.


Boost your Inbound Marketing

These days, more leads are generated from inbound marketing efforts. If you have a large budget currently going towards outbound marketing such as print or radio advertisements, you may want to reallocate some of your budget to inbound marketing efforts that will bring in leads. A digital agency can help you set up inbound marketing plans that include SEO, email campaign automation, quality blog posts and other content that is relevant to your business.


Offer a Consistent Brand Experience

Does your marketing collateral offer inconsistent branding? Maybe your website is outdated or your logo needs a re-fresh. With consumers being empowered to shop in store and online, companies need to put extra effort into ensuring a consistent brand experience at every touch-point. A marketing team or agency needs to work with your resources to produce messages that are being relayed to customers at the right time in the buyer’s journey. Offering a consistent brand experience across touchpoints will help customers develop a connection with your brand and along their journey to become loyal customers. Commit to delivering cohesive messaging and imagery across your marketing materials and digital touch-points this year. A digital agency can help you audit your marketing materials and touchpoints to see where you can improve your brand experience.  

Are you looking to refresh your brand or digital marketing plans for the new year? Let's Make Waves.

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Product Labs partners with RNO1 to develop a brand vision for company launch.

RNO1 has recently been selected as the brand design and digital agency for the newly launching, Product Labs, a product management consultancy based in Los Angeles. As a unique strategic partner, Product Labs works with West Coast based startups in need of Product Managers.

RNO1 will be working with the Product Labs founding team to produce a new brand identity and guidelines, visual story across social channels, and digital experience rollout, including website.

The essence of Product Labs is built around simplicity. This will also be a large part of the brand’s visual and digital story.

"We're beyond excited for the opportunity to partner with a true disruptor in the Product Management category: the newly launched Product Labs," says RNO1 Agency Founder & CXO, Michael Gaizutis. "As a leader in their space, originally hailing from the UK and Australia, we wanted to create a brand identity that could support their immediate needs and scale up for the future."

RNO1 can’t wait to share more in early-2018 on what sets this brand apart. For more information on RNO1 and Agency News follow


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Design & Digital Predictions for 2018: Agency Perspective.

Here on the west coast, we’re positioned to soak up more than the waves and sunshine.

We’re constantly inspired by the driving forces of west coast talent and creativity. We benefit from the styles and trends from thought leaders, influencers and trend setters in not only design and digital, but in technology, entertainment and more. We’ve used this information to help us predict future trends in design and digital from the perspective of our designers and developers, strategists and storytellers.

At RNO1 we’re excited to see what new trends the design and digital space will bring to digital marketing in 2018. While we can’t say exactly what will happen in the coming year, we’ve rounded up some of the top agency predictions for 2018 which can fuel your Marketing, Product or Founding team's strategies. Here are some quick takeaways:



Filters over images had their time. Many users are now switching to a #nofilter community as they tire of manipulated media. After increasing amounts of fake news have hit the web, brands are realizing that authenticity is more important than ever.

People are craving more genuine live-videos and real-life content. We think we’ll also start to see more authenticity come through in photos shared on the web and social media.


Bright Colors & Bold Fonts

Modern font styles that stand out help complement design. While white space can help readers skim through content, distinct font styles can help the reader focus on your content. When users only have a few seconds to a couple of minutes to look at your pages, you need your font (typographic) design elements and colors to capture the user’s attention. Several agencies are predicting that fonts and colors may begin to take the place of images - especially for mobile where images can cause pages to load slowly. Using typography instead of imagery can help your pages load faster and help your call-to-actions stand out.



More people than ever are using their mobile phone over their desktops for internet browsing activities. More than 40% of ecommerce sales came from mobile in 2016 and we can only expect the number to rise in 2018.

Marketers are paying attention to mobile-focused strategies when it comes to ecommerce. When you check emails, social media or other notifications on your mobile phone, decisions are made in seconds. These micro-moments are crucial considering that each person checks their phone an average of 100+ times a day. By monitoring these mobile touch points and keeping track of micro-moments, we can begin to see patterns that lead to a sale and better prioritize our digital marketing strategies.


Mood As Interface (MAI)

Mood As Interface is a great example of future design working in synergy with cutting-edge technology. User interfaces are becoming more personalized and customized to each user. With advancements (and lower costs) in Wireless EEG technology, we can now create customized interfaces based on a user’s emotions and moods by using brainwave biometrics.

For example, users can be connected to electrodes with a headset to capture brainwaves, pulse and facial expression. In turn, these inputs can be used to create a virtual-reality simulation in real-time whether the user is feeling relaxed, intrigued, or excited. These early technologies will soon enter the mainstream and time will tell how much each user will be able to control design and content that they wish to see. MAI has many applications where advertisements, color pallets or filters can be automatically changed to reflect how a user is feeling.  In 2018 and beyond, design and content will become increasingly personal.


The more digital experiences including websites, social media, content and the like a brand can share in the online world, the greater brand engagement they will see. With an ever increasing amount of choice on the web, people are more willing to engage with brands that can deliver timely, useful, and engaging digital experiences - and great design is one of the primary layers to creating a truly connective brand experience.

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Design From A Different Lens.

At RNO1 we’re proudly deep-rooted on the West Coast with a global edge. We have the privilege to work with some of the most passionate and game-changing teams across the globe.

West Coast inspired means our team lives and breathes WEST COAST - across the San Francisco Bay area, SoCal, and the Pacific Northwest in Seattle and Vancouver. We take design inspiration, innovation, and disruption from the West Coast perspective.

Surrounded by water, waves, and mountains, there’s an ebb and flow here, a presence that we like to pass onto each project and collaboration.

Using our surroundings as inspiration, we’re able to fuel, craft, and architect delightful and disruptive design and digital experiences to help brands stand out regardless of if they’re located on the West Coast, on the East Coast, or even abroad.

Here on the West Coast, we have unrivalled access to venture capital funds and startups that benefit from this fountain of outlets to fuel the innovation economy. According to Pitchbook’s second quarter Venture Monitor report, the West Coast has a huge role in funding startups with 40.8% of the deals and 55% of the deal value in the West Coast region compared with the Mid-Atlantic region that pulled in only 19.3% of the deals along with 15.5% of the deal value.

Not only do our natural surroundings inspire us - with large technology companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, and more making the West Coast their home base, we’re geographically positioned next to the brands that are shaping what’s next in the industry. The West Coast is an ideal place to soak up knowledge, innovation, and the latest trends in digital branding.

There is also a big movement in lifestyle branding stemming from here on the West Coast. We meet regularly with some of the most disruptive lifestyle brands to talk about what’s next and infuse that into our Fluid Movement approach - collaborating and connecting with form and fluidity, creating bold shifts in the marketplace for our Clients, their users and customers.

If you’re thinking we only work with companies on the West Coast, think again. We’re aligned with startups, eCommerce, lifestyle and enterprise brands across the country to deliver meaningful and memorable results. We’re fueled to craft disruptive experiences where they’re needed most - across digital branded touchpoints.

Even client partners like Moondog Optics based on the East Coast have chosen to work with the RNO1 team. Moondog Optics is a modern optical design house that designs and engineers award-winning lenses for mobile phones and other consumer products. Although they are based in New York, they chose to partner with RNO1.

“Moondog Optics is a boutique design firm based in Rochester, NY - an area known for its rich history in optics and photography. But when it came time to revamp our site and branding, we went with RNO1 - based on the West Coast. Many of our customers are in their backyard and we could tell from the first call that they’d be a great fit to help us craft the right message. We look forward to continuing to work with them for a long time to come,” says Scott Cahall, Founder and Optical Designer/Engineer.

No matter where you are, we can help startup, lifestyle and enterprise clients to design from a different lens. Ready to ride the brand wave with us?

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Why Startups Must Become Master Storytellers.

Today in the startup world, it's AI, VR, Automation, Blockchain, etc. Tomorrow it's... 

Rapid acceleration and planned obsolence make for an extremely competitive and crowded marketplace for any startup in Consumer Tech, FinTech, Lifestyle, eCommerce and more. 

So what's a startup to do? We have the simplest answer: Startups Must Become Master Storytellers. Remember those early days of sitting, listening and imagining the possibilities from hearing and seeing a great story? Well, for some, we've lost sight of that idea.

The best startup brands in the world (Airbnb, Warby ParkerRobinhood, etc.) have captalized on this idea and connected with new and emerging audiences by bringing them into a world of unimaginable possibiities. From early-late stage, Marketing, Product and Technology Teams within a funded and growing startup environment need to break through the boundaries of CX (Customer Experience) in new and innovative ways. Through meanignful and memorable content, design and digital storytelling experiences we're able to reach and resonate with our users and customers at the deepest level: opening up a whole new channel of engagement. 

Preparing for 2018, maybe it's time for your startup to add storytelling into your mix of strategies?


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Vestergaard partners with RNO1 as Digital Agency to disrupt Global Health.

RNO1 has recently been selected as the new UX & Digital Agency for Vestergaard, fueling the disruption in the global health market across a series of marketing channels.

Vestergaard is a global health company working to improve the health of vulnerable people and offer solutions to contribute to a healthier, more sustainable planet by fighting malaria, HIV/AIDS, and the Zika virus.

"We're thrilled to be aligned with Vestergaard as their digital design strategists", says RNO1 Agency Founder & CXO, Michael Gaizutis. "Working with their Core Marketing Team, we'll be helping their brand and product experiences to scale across digital channels, bringing game-changing solutions to global health."

For more information on RNO1 and Agency News follow

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The Wave Of Disruption.

The Wave Of Disruption.

Is your brand riding the wave of disruption? Or, is someone else?

Competition is everywhere in this day and age. Look around, and you see it. Regardless of industry or market, options are now more widely availble for consumers and users.

For your brand, competition isn't the's disruption. Are you the disruptor, or are you being disrupted? What compelling reason (or reasons) are you giving them to connect with your brand, cross-channel? What story are you telling that matters, and why should it matter more than eveyone else in your space? Where is the wow factor, in form and function? Who will listen and care, and why will they spread this message to others who care? When will it happen (later is too late)?

As the age of digital continues to elevate and evolve, so will their expectations. Connective design pathways have to connect more, engage more, and entice more than ever before. Your tribe of users require you to step up and own the landscape: to give them more than one reason to invest in your product, service or brand, at every marketing or sales touchpoint.

Truth of the day: Become a disruptor, or be disrupted. What will your brand do?

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Moondog Optics selects RNO1 as new Digital Agency.

RNO1 has recently been selected as the new Digital Agency and team extension for Moondog Optics, supporting the established optical design company to scale through memorable design and digital strategies.

Moondoog Optics provides innovative optical design and consulting services for consumer and life science products, with an edge in VR/AR. Moondog is an independent company with roots from Eastman Kodak, Corning Precision Lens, and Jenoptik - pioneers of modern optical design and manufacturing.

"We're thrilled to be aligned with Moondog Optics as their digital strategists on the front-lines of technology and design channels", says RNO1 Agency Founder & CXO, Michael Gaizutis. "Working with their Leadership Team, we'll be helping their brand to scale across digital channels, bringing future-forward solutions to life across the optical design vertical".

For more information on RNO1 and Agency News follow

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Your Brand's Quest For Disrupting Digital.

Your brand is on a quest: a digital quest.

You're trying to find your place in this ever-changing technological landscape, amongst a sea of competition, rapidly morphing devices, and platforms that didn't exist...even yesterday.

In addition to the all current digital outlets to worry about, you then have...AI, VR, AR, etc. Your mind is boggled.

So, what is a brand to do? We subscribe to the idea that "You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf". Surf, my friend, and you will overcome all that is in your way. You will begin to ride the brand wave

The disruptors out there (we all know who they are in different industries) don't accept their fate, they create it: and surf. They seek and set out to embrace all digital outlets that can propel their mission and culture forward as a brand. It's this shift, ebb and flow that allows them to thrive. 

Faced with too many challenges, the best brands adapt and overcome. Too many brands aren't focused on the future, which truly is the present as it relates to digital. They're complacent and used to what has always worked, thinking it will continue to work as it once has...until now. Until now, everything was easy, or easier. We used to be able to simply advertise and get calls or purchases. Now, we have to connect...connect or cease to exist.

Which will it be for your brand?

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How To Delight (By Design).

It's not an accident when brands make us feel delight. It's done by design.

Whether your brand is a funded startup disrupting SaaS or the world of eCommerce, a growing lifestyle company appealing to millenials or beach-goers, a mid-sized company or enterprise B2B company working to fundamentally change the makes no difference. We have to delight, now more than ever, in every industry and at every possible turn.

On your brand's epic journey to FILL IN THE BLANK here are the top 10 ways to drive delight:

  1. Connection first, then conversion.
  2. Create a compelling story (visual and verbal).
  3. Lead with different and disruptive.
  4. Be emotional and experiential.
  5. Give them what they crave (not need).
  6. Be meaningful and memorable.
  7. Always authentic and audacious.
  8. Think bold movements instead of trends.
  9. Humanize and harmonize your strategies.
  10. Go beyond your brand: have purpose and passion.


Ready for your brand to starting making waves? Ride with us.


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Logis9 partners with RNO1 as new UX Design Agency.

RNO1 has recently been brought on as the new UX Design Agency and team extension for Logis9, supporting the newly established SaaS startup to scale within the logistics industry, disrupting it through technology and design.

Logis9 is a tech-enabled, non-asset based 3PL, based in California. We focus on client-centered solutions and professional handling of our client’s logistic needs. Logis9 designs custom transportation solutions to suit today’s tech savvy marketplace with complete visibility of all your transportation needs. Our industry professionals have over 75 years of experience. Logis9 goal is to make it easy to move your freight with next level automation, saving time and money.

"We're excited to team up with Logis9 as a newly emerged SaaS startup", says RNO1 Agency Founder & CXO, Michael Gaizutis. "It's not every day you can fundamentally disrupt a long-standing legacy industry ( logistics). Working with the Founding Team, we'll be mapping out design solutions between teams that help this brand to scale, aligned with their business mission".

For more information on RNO1 and Agency News follow

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Agency Spotter ranks RNO1 as Top 20 Branding Agency.

Agency Spotter is reinventing how brands find and work with creative agencies, design firms and many other marketing service providers.

Recently, RNO1 was ranked as a Top 20 Branding Agency when evaluated against 2,000 branding agencies and design firms. RNO1 ranked #3 on the Top 20 Branding Agencies listed.

"The top branding agencies quarterly report evaluates almost 2,000 branding agencies and design firms based on their credentials, focus and expertise in branding, client feedback, and project work. This report is focused on those who specialize in branding, brand identity, naming, and brand standards. .."

RNO1's Founder Michael Gaizutis said, "We're thrilled to be included in this Branding Agency Report from Agency Spotter: it supports and validates the brilliant Client Partners we work alongside (startups, lifestyle, eCommerce and enterprise brands), and the breakthrough solutions we provide between our teams, as a go-to Brand Agency Partner."

Be sure to follow and @livethebrand for ongoing Agency News fueling the disruption in the design and digital landscape.

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RNO1 Shortlisted As Top 20 Digital Agency.

Agency Spotter is reinventing how brands find and work with creative & digital agencies, design firms and many other marketing service providers.

Recently, RNO1 was ranked in the Top 20 Digital Agencies Report when evaluated against more than 4,500 digital agencies. RNO1 ranked #5 on the Top 20 Digital Agencies listed.

"The top digital agencies quarterly report evaluates more than 4,500 digital agencies based on Agency Spotter's proprietary research methodology. This report takes a broad look at digital agencies, including digital strategy, marketing automation, web, mobile, e-commerce, social media, content marketing, email marketing, inbound marketing, CRM automation, search (SEO and SEM), and gaming..."

RNO1's Founder & CXO Michael Gaizutis said, "We're thrilled to be included in this Digital Agency Report from Agency Spotter: it supports and further validates the brilliant Client Partners we work alongside (including: funded startups, eCommerce, lifestlye, enterprise brands), and the breakthrough solutions we craft & create between our teams, as a go-to Digital Agency Partner."

Ready to Make Waves? Be sure to visit our newly launched agency website and follow @livethebrand for ongoing Agency News fueling the disruption in the design and digital landscape.

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The Non-Vendor Agency (You Needed Yesterday).

We've heard that name before...and even been called it, unfortunately (many years ago). That name that makes you feel like an outsider, working alongside (not with) Marketing, Product and Founding Teams.

Yes...that name. Vendor. Doesn't it make you cringe?

In the world of brand strategy and digital experience design, no one needs a vendor, but rather a true partner and team extension. At least we think so.

A Vendor by definition is: a person or company offering something for sale. A Partner by definiton is: a person who takes part in an undertaking with another or others, especially in a business or company with shared risks and profits.

When we get approached by well-rounded Marketing Teams, Product Teams or Startup Founders, we're charged with making strategic decisions that drive meaningful and memorable solutions for our Client Partners. That's right, we said it...Partners. We're a part of their core team, and true extension. We're a piece of the puzzle. We're a void in their current structure. Together, we can make waves.

So if and when you're ready to take the next step and find that Non-Vendor Agency (the one you needed yesterday), we're always within reach and ready to join forces. In the meantime, feel free to learn more about what gets us up in the morning, each and every day, and why we love what we do fueling the growth of game-changing brands of all shapes and sizes.

We're stoked to hear from you soon.

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Introducing the New RNO1 Agency Website.

Together, we can make waves. Meet the New RNO1.

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of our new agency website, focused on a storytelling experience of who we are and why it matters. We’ve simplified our visual language, and worked to highlight some of our incredible experiences aligning with founders, product and marketing teams — as West Coast Brandmakers.

We've been grinding for 10+ years...

Over time, we’ve since grown to become an award-winning brand strategy and digital design agency with a brilliant team fueled to craft and create delightful and disruptive experiences. You’ll now find us aligning with game­-changing startups, lifestyle and eCommerce companies — to larger enterprise brands, worldwide.

We’ve redesigned our agency website to better serve our client partners with a simplified visual story and fluid UX pathway to how we approach brand, design and digital experiences. Since we're futurists, we're already looking ahead for how we can fuel growth for forward-thinking brands of all shapes and sizes.

Feel free to puruse through some of our Featured Work & Case Studies that support where we're headed as a west coast brand strategy & digital design agency.

We're stoked for you to take a look.

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