Who's Driving Delight...?

Posted by Michael Gaizutis , Principal of RNO1

Who within your business and organization is driving delight for your brand? As we all know, it’s a hyper-competitive and hyper-connected world. The market is beyond saturated (in most, or many industries: more than likely in yours). When we lead with delight, we empower our customers and users to become our best brand enthusiasts and advocates. This creates a radical shift: a bond, a synergy, a connection…that normally wouldn’t have existed otherwise.

So what does that mean, for you? It’s simple: own it. Begin to take ownership of all customer touch-points where you can instill delight. Some of the most common places that your customers and users are interfacing with today involve design and digital experiences, through traditional marketing and online channels. Things they can see and spread. But as you’re ready to do so, be sure to think beyond the screen… Crafting a delightful experience is holistic: it never ends, and it should be everywhere you are.

Driving this shift will do wonders for your brand, company, and team.

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