Tribe Talking.

Posted by Michael Gaizutis , Principal of RNO1

Is your brand’s Tribe Talking? (Tribe = who your brand wants to reach out to, and who responds back to your brand).

  • What are ‘they’ (your tribe) saying about your brand, company, product, service, etc?
  • Who are ‘they’ sharing the conversation with and around?
  • Is ‘it’ (what they’re talking about) worth sharing and spreading?
  • Is ‘it’ connective and contagious?
  • Do ‘they’ feel empowered and enlightened: disrupted and delighted, at every touchpoint?
  • Is 'it' (the brand story) different and desirable?

If ‘they’re’ not already talking (or not talking enough) it might be time to re-tool and re-invent.

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