The Age of Delight.

Posted by Michael Gaizutis , Principal of RNO1

Your customers, users, clients, partners, shareholders…no longer want it. They expect it. That’s right, we’re now living in the The Age of Delight.

A time where every brand, company, and organization is equally competing for their attention, at every turn. In order to capture it and harness the opportunity, you have to move them, empower them, reach them, and continue to do so (each and every day). It’s not enough anymore to do things sub-par, by simply trying to convey or sell a message, idea, product, or service. They won’t buy it (literally and figuratively). Instead, our new focus should be placed around connecting and captivating: disrupting and delighting. In this new age, how will your brand respond back? There’s no in-between.

Maybe it’s about time for your brand to embrace change, and drive delight?

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