Digital Zen.

Posted by Michael Gaizutis , Principal of RNO1

In the real world, offline and disconnected, we generally aim to achieve balance in our daily and work lives, keeping us running at full capacity, recharged and ready to operate on all cylinders.

Why aren’t we, then, as marketers, entrepreneurs, leaders, strategists and the like, doing the same at all times in the digital world? Are we losing sight of the holistic brand and customer experience along the way (too driven by metrics, data, etc.)? Is your brand achieving balance and enlightenment across web and mobile channels, or has it lost sight of its equilibrium? Is it in a Digital Zen state? And, what will it take to get there?

It's never too late to shift and synergize reconfiguring and rebooting your approach. Sometimes that shift is just what you need to see success.

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