We uncover more about your business and brand. Where have you been and where are you going in your industry? Why does it matter? What impact do you make? What problems do you solve in the market? What are your growth goals? How will design and digital experiences fuel your growth and gains in the marketplace? The end deliverable includes a summary of our discovery process and design differentiators we see from an outside perspective.


We perform a design and digital audit. We look at what your brand has done to excel in the marketplace, and assess what it can do to grow and evolve. This includes an audit of your brand identity, marketing collateral, product branding, and web or digital outlets. The end deliverable outlines brand and marketing pain-points, UX/UI concerns, and visual storytelling opportunities for your business and brand as you move to scale.


We’ve listened and learned, now it’s time to map and make strategies. This is the part of our process that involves presenting ideas, from 1-2 Concept Designs for new Brand Identity Ideas to Web or Digital Concepts, depending on need. We ideate and innovate, presenting our best ideas between our teams that can scale and succeed into the future. The end deliverable includes 1-2 Concept Design paths to elevate and evolve your brand across design or digital touchpoints.


We’re problem solvers, by nature, but we also adapt quite well. As we’ve gone through the exercise of discovering, doing a deep-dive, and presenting strategies, we map an action plan to bring these new ideas to life, across different marketing channels, depending our your need and growth goals. The end deliverable includes a well defined Scope of Work, Project Timeline, and Cost Structure to help us achieve the right results that reach and resonate.